Montana-Man Truth: I Have No Idea How To Buy Wood Flooring

I have no idea how to buy wood flooring, and it is a little distressing. My husband and I have been building a log cabin near the edge of a national park in our home state. We plan on using it as a weekend and vacation home, and possibly our retirement home.

Things slowed down a lot when he got called up with his National Guard unit and deployed overseas for six months. It’s a relatively safe region and he’s not a combat trooper, so I’m not too worried about him getting home in one piece.

My friends and family and some of his have all stepped up and helped me out with the cabin. We want to have it done before he comes home, as a surprise. He’s always worried on our calls that our ‘life schedule is now off-track.’

The only thing left is the floors, and since everything else is wood or wood-finish, the floors will be too, but we’d never picked one out together. I don’t know the first thing about buying wood flooring, but I’m learning a lot as I do window shopping or just talk to sales clerks.
Attractive Hard Wood Floor Selyria

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