Just How Many Times Can You Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors?

“Just how many times can you sand and refinish hardwood floors?” This was something a clueless husband asked when we showed up for a routine appointment to look over his home’s floors.

We usually dealt with the wife, but she was out of town this time. So, we were getting hit with questions that we weren’t used to dealing with.

I tried explaining to him that I wasn’t really sure how many times his floors had been sanded and refinished, I only knew how many times we had done it.

He protested that wood was like human skin, with only so many layers. I was trying to make sense of that when he blurted out I should call the tree farm they got the wood from and tell them to take a ring sample out of the stump they cut his lumber from so I’d know how many layers there were.

I tried to keep my composure under these circumstances. I could tell just from looking at his hardwood floors that they were older than he was, and no lumber place keeps the stumps they cut wood from, much less track something like that to match it up.

His floors were smarter than he was, and they were dead wood.

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