My Wife Now Appreciates The Difficulty Involved To Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors

My wife now appreciates the difficulty involved in sanding and refinish hardwood floors. She’d had a vacation planned for us that she was really looking forward to. We were going to go rafting down the Grand Canyon.

I’ll admit, I was looking forward to it too. Yet, I couldn’t go at the time.

It was all from a storm several months back that flooded a lot of homes in our community. Once the damage and restoration teams had done their primary work in the flooded homes, every flooring finishing business in town was called in to do things like sanding and refinishing.

There was too much work, and my machines broke down, as did the tools of a lot of my competitors. In order to get business when the rest of them waited on parts, I switched to doing the sanding and refinishing by hand. I got several houses done, but I also wrecked my shoulders too bad to go rafting, even though I’d kept working so that week would be clear.

My wife went nuts, wondering openly how sanding and refinishing could hurt that bad that fast. She said she cleans our house all the time, and she’s fine.

So, I took her to work one day and let her try it out.

She didn’t make it to lunch, and we’re not drafting until October now.

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