How Much Does It Cost You To Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors? Answered by Winnwood Flooring

“Just how much does it cost you to sand and refinish hardwood floors?” My husband asked me this last night as we were getting the bedroom ready for the night. We were having a regular fight over money, but this was the first time he’d brought my business into the equation. We usually fight over the kids, the bills, and our joint bank accounts.

He’s never asked about my business expenses at Winnwood Flooring before, because he doesn’t know the first thing about flooring or sanding and refinishing, much like I know nothing about his chess club or soccer techniques.

As we fought, it turned out that he feels like I’m padding my floor install business numbers to keep money in my business and not bring it home.

That offended me. We own a home, travel to other continents, and have saved up to put three kids through college. And my sanding and refinishing the hardwood floors around the city have paid for over half of that.

I even helped him get his business off the ground.

Rather than deal with the accusation, I actually answered his question matter of fact, talking about supplies, materials, labor charges, insurance, and everything else. He quickly realized I knew more about running a business then he does.

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Just How Many Times Can You Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors?

“Just how many times can you sand and refinish hardwood floors?” This was something a clueless husband asked when we showed up for a routine appointment to look over his home’s floors.

We usually dealt with the wife, but she was out of town this time. So, we were getting hit with questions that we weren’t used to dealing with.

I tried explaining to him that I wasn’t really sure how many times his floors had been sanded and refinished, I only knew how many times we had done it.

He protested that wood was like human skin, with only so many layers. I was trying to make sense of that when he blurted out I should call the tree farm they got the wood from and tell them to take a ring sample out of the stump they cut his lumber from so I’d know how many layers there were.

I tried to keep my composure under these circumstances. I could tell just from looking at his hardwood floors that they were older than he was, and no lumber place keeps the stumps they cut wood from, much less track something like that to match it up.

His floors were smarter than he was, and they were dead wood.

So How Long Does It Take To Sand And Refinish Hardwood, Son?

I was talking with my mom on the phone last Sunday, which is the day I often call and catch up with her. The conversation, as usual, went all over the place and eventually turned to a dinner party she’s invited me and my wife too.

That’s when she interjected the question of “So, how long does it take to sand and refinish hardwood, son?” I was a little taken aback. I’ve been studying skills like that so I can branch out from general contracting as my side job. I really enjoy doing physical labor with my hands outside of my boring cubicle job.

Apparently, she was wondering if I could show up a few hours before the party and sand and refinish her hardwood floors so the home would look new before guests arrived. I felt that was a little presumptuous, given that the time-frame was simply insane and even when I do know how to do things like that, I’m not going to do them for free.

She got really huffy about these two points and wound up dis-inviting us from the party…until the next day when she called my wife and asked for five dozen deviled eggs.

My Wife Now Appreciates The Difficulty Involved To Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors

My wife now appreciates the difficulty involved in sanding and refinish hardwood floors. She’d had a vacation planned for us that she was really looking forward to. We were going to go rafting down the Grand Canyon.

I’ll admit, I was looking forward to it too. Yet, I couldn’t go at the time.

It was all from a storm several months back that flooded a lot of homes in our community. Once the damage and restoration teams had done their primary work in the flooded homes, every flooring finishing business in town was called in to do things like sanding and refinishing.

There was too much work, and my machines broke down, as did the tools of a lot of my competitors. In order to get business when the rest of them waited on parts, I switched to doing the sanding and refinishing by hand. I got several houses done, but I also wrecked my shoulders too bad to go rafting, even though I’d kept working so that week would be clear.

My wife went nuts, wondering openly how sanding and refinishing could hurt that bad that fast. She said she cleans our house all the time, and she’s fine.

So, I took her to work one day and let her try it out.

She didn’t make it to lunch, and we’re not drafting until October now.

How Do You Sand And Refinish Hardwood Floors Dad?

My kids rarely ask me about my work at the dinner table, and I’m kind of glad for that. Between my flooring business and their early bedtimes, dinner is often the only time I see them during the week.

I also just don’t want to talk about work after doing it all day. My wife can tell just from my mood how my day went, and seriously, how much can we talk about flooring?

That’s why it shocked me when my 7-year-old son asked me one night “how do you sand and refinish hardwood floors, Dad?”

Without even thinking about it, I started launching into the process we have as part of our sales pitch to prospects we consult, and my wife burst out laughing at how robotic I was being.

My son was enamored though and wanted to learn how to do it, which I found very curious. I sat down with him over the weekend to show him the very basics, and I got the truth out of him.

He’d overheard Grandpa talking about selling his house because he was getting tired of taking care of it, and my kids love visiting that home. So, I got talked into refinishing the floors the next time we visit so they don’t move.

Montana-Man Truth: I Have No Idea How To Buy Wood Flooring

I have no idea how to buy wood flooring, and it is a little distressing. My husband and I have been building a log cabin near the edge of a national park in our home state. We plan on using it as a weekend and vacation home, and possibly our retirement home.

Things slowed down a lot when he got called up with his National Guard unit and deployed overseas for six months. It’s a relatively safe region and he’s not a combat trooper, so I’m not too worried about him getting home in one piece.

My friends and family and some of his have all stepped up and helped me out with the cabin. We want to have it done before he comes home, as a surprise. He’s always worried on our calls that our ‘life schedule is now off-track.’

The only thing left is the floors, and since everything else is wood or wood-finish, the floors will be too, but we’d never picked one out together. I don’t know the first thing about buying wood flooring, but I’m learning a lot as I do window shopping or just talk to sales clerks.
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